• All the characters and keywords in the world
    will be crypto-currency through Ubiner


  • All the characters and keywords in the world
    will be crypto-currency through Ubiner


  • All the characters and keywords in the world
    will be crypto-currency through Ubiner


Texts are being used from the birth of mankind until now.
Now all texts have monetary value through Ubiner. Additionally, 'text currency' is connected with the world through the platform.
The written text is a form of currency and a platform.
Ubiner is the world's first "text currency", has connected text currency with 'keyword platform', and is striving to achieve a universal basic income for all participants by sharing profits according to their contribution.


The more keywords are registered and expands the 'keyword platform', the greater the profits.

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Become a 'keyword platformer' by preselecting and owning 'keywords' that are expected to have future great value.

  • If you register your keyword first, you will get income whenever someone uses your keyword.
  • And the person who used my keyword becomes my member.
Visible things are expressed via text, and even the invisible things can be portrayed through text. In the past, texts were simply a way to transfer and store information. But with the development of the Internet, text has come to summarize and contain specific information and be representative of it, birthing the concept of 'keywords'. 'Keywords' are generally used in searches and advertising. However, nowadays generating profit through 'keywords' belongs to the large platforms. Using personal data, large platforms use 'keywords' to earn profit and most of the profit is taken by the large platforms.
Ubiner aims to share 'keywords' and 'platform revenue through keywords' with all its participants.

Keyboard App

We communicate with people around the world through our smartphones everyday.
The first connecting point of that communication is the 'keyboard app'.

Ubiner converts text into currency using the 'keyboard app', and the 'text currency' generated from that process is linked with the 'keyword platform'.

users can search for "Ubiner Keyboard" in the Google play store and install the "Ubiner keyboard". After installation, select "Ubiner keyboard" as the standard keyboard in settings and all preparations are complete.

  • A communicator on the 'Ubiner Keyboard' automatically filters information that can not be leaked, such as credit card information, password, date of birth, etc.
  • Ubiner keyboard currently supports android.
  • Future IOS versions are planned.
  • If you use the Ubiner keyboard app, you get income whenever you write.
Ubiner keyboard download

Keyword AD

Keyword ads begin with keyword crypto-currency

Keywords created a new market called 'keyword advertisement', and the written text has come to have an economic value, giving it a new significant symbolism.

As keywords become a form of 'keyword advertisement', the concepts of preemption and cost are created, and it is narrowed down from the something that is everyone's to the category of 'individual choice'.

  • Keywords', which has formed a new market together with the development of the Internet, has become to monopoly for several existing large platforms. 'Keyword advertisement', which is represented mainly search keywords, has transformed the domain of non-economic texts into an economic domain. However unfortunately revenues generated from the transfer into the economic sphere are taken by platform companies.
  • Among all the digital data, it is presumed that the proportion of personal data is 75%, and the economic value generated from personal data is about 1 trillion euros, and the annual expected profits coming from personal data are estimated at 330 billion euros for governments and companies and 670 billion euros for individuals.
  • However in the current situation, there is a problem that profits from personal data activities are converted into profits for platform companies, not for members participating in the platforms.
  • Therefore 'keywords' have already become exclusive properties belonging to platform companies, and this phenomenon is getting worse and worse. These problems do not fit with the principle of fair distribution.

Ubiner will use the 'keyword platform' so individual data activities return as individual profits based on contributions in order to implement the principle of fair profit distribution.

Keyword Game

You can also make income from keyword games.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent registration 1
    Text crypto-currency platform
    It makes all the text and keywords in the world into a crypto-currency
  • Patent registration 2
    Product sales revenue sharing method based on integrated platform
    Make owners of all the product in the world

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